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Transaction Notes, Trading Pairs Link to this post

This site is a great start, but I've thought of a number of features that could greatly improve the ease-of-use.

1) Notes: One simple feature to add would be the ability to add and view notes about a particular transaction in our portfolio. Users might benefit from easily seeing notes such as which wallet, exchange, or transaction the particular trade went into/out of/etc.

2) Trading pairs: Most altcoins are purchased against BTC or ETH and occasionally exchanges provide their own token to purchase altcoins with. It would be useful for a trade to include trading pairs so that a user can see which coin was sold in exchange for their altcoin purchase. In the future I'd also like to be able to set up a portfolio to automatically deduct the sold coin in a trade from one's profile, choosing to do so on a FIFO or LIFO basis.

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Re: Transaction Notes, Trading Pairs Link to this post

Notes is a good idea and its now live just click edit to add notes to coins

Trading pairs is a good idea as well but a bit more of a ball ache to implement

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